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Fire Alarms

While security alarms protect your property, fire alarms are there to protect not only our properties but our lives as well. This is why maintaining a fire alarm system is so important. Making sure all devices are working correctly and that all batteries are up to date in case of a power cut. We can service your Fire alarm, we recommend to service these preferably bi- annually, but can be done annually as well. This enables an early warning system that allows safe evacuation.

You can not be on the property all the time, so monitoring of a fire alarm is crucial. Again this is something we can help you with. Monitoring the fire alarm allows a connection to the Alarm Handling Centre, who will pass calls on to specified Keyholders to inform them of an incident, which again allows a quick and timely response to help minimise any potential damage to the property or in worst case scenarios, injury. When it comes to the installation of Fire Alarms, we use an accredited company who is covered under Constructionline, NIC EIC Approved Installer, UKAS Product specification, etc. They cover commercial and domestic properties and will be thrilled to help with anything they can.