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Monitored Alrms

Bells only - When the alarm is activated, a bell will ring outside the property to alert the surrounding neighbours and people, there is an alarm in progress.

Self Monitoring - This allows you to access the intruder alarm via an App on your smart device (phone/tablet etc.). You will never have to leave the house no knowing if the alarm has been left unset! You have the flexibility to set/unset the alarm, see any activations on the system and much more.

Monitored - When the intruder alarm is activated, a phone call is made to the Keyholders you have provided, to alert them there is an issue. If the system has a police response set up, when a confirmed alarm goes off, the police will be called first, then on to Keyholders. There are a many ways for monitoring the alarm, via standard phone line, GSM (mobile phone signal) etc.

Monitored Alarms Systems - Police calling systems through to central station monitoring. Grade 2 / 3 Systems. NSI GOLD Approved. Dual comfirmation signalling via dualcom / redcare.

Wired/Wireless/Hybrid alarms

Wirless -Offer a reliable and quick way to install intruder alarms without causing any mess that may be associated to a traditional wired system. They offer flexibility of adding intruder detection anywhere in the home, even garages and outbuilding. The technology has come on so much over the last few years and offer all the items a wired system would offer such as: PIR detection, Dual-Detector detection, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, PA buttons, PIR’s with in-built cameras, door contacts with vibration sensors or without and much more.

Wired - Are the conventional method of fitting intruder alarms, whether in a home or at a business premises. The alarm is cabled in and is the most reliable method for installing an intruder alarm. This can be installed to any home and business, however it is usually quicker and neater to install in the building process.

Hybrid -Systems will be fitted to your property with wired and/or wireless devices.  These types of alarms are often used in property refurbishments and new builds. They offer a lot of flexibility to use existing cables and have the freedom to add detection as and when required. While offering the reliability of a wired system, the flexibility of the wireless system.


Smokecloak System While Intruder alarms and CCTV systems act as a deterrent, acting upon the alarms and notifications is after the event has started. Smokecloak is a proactive method, it stops intruders once in the building. The room is almost instantaneously filled with a fog, this is very disorientating and makes it almost impossible to see what is around you.